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Astronomy For Education Workshops

The Annual Shaw-IAU Workshop “Astronomy for Education”

The Shaw Prize Foundation generously funds an annual Shaw–IAU Workshop on “Astronomy for Education”, a key activity of the new IAU Office of Astronomy for Education (OAE).

OAE will annually launch an international Call for Proposals to co-organise the Shaw-IAU Workshop, which is expected to take place in a different region each year.

The workshop will have a different focus each year and combines two objectives:

  • present and showcase astronomy education activities in the region where the workshop is held;
  • address specific topics of relevance to the use of astronomy as a stimulus to teaching and education in STEM and the professionalisation of astronomy education from elementary to high-school worldwide.

Typically, the workshop will accommodate 50 invited participants, in an appropriate mix of astronomers, astronomy educators, astronomy education researchers, experts, and teachers.

This collaboration between the Shaw Prize Foundation and the IAU, which began in 2019,  will continue for five years, with the possibility of renewal after that period.

Past Workshops